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Mili Vanili

Smooth and silky custard, with hints of vanilla and coffee.

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Mili Vanili


This is a great all day vape that isn't too strong, while still being flavorful. A base of custard is delectably mixed with vanili, a mili bit of coffee and yummy sweetness.


Great Morning VapeReview by veroden
Taste Meter
I would describe this juice as vanilla cream with a hint of coffee. The description says it is a custard, but I didn't get that eggy custard type of flavor. The inhale was all cream and vanilla, very well balanced. The exhale had the perfect hint of brewed coffee with a lingering vanilla flavor. No bad after taste with this either. This is actually my first coffee vape and it's a winner in my books. The coffee taste 'real' and fresh. A great morning vape and worth a re-buy. (Posted on 10/28/2015)
even better!Review by Renee
Taste Meter
Okay, so I just thought vanilla cloud was my new favorite. But this is even better. Wasn't sure I would like it because of the coffee. I have tried some before that were just awful. But this is heaven. Will be ordering a larger bottle of both. (Posted on 9/22/2015)
Re: New owner here in AZReview by richard
Taste Meter
I ordered this flavor because of a review i read and i have to say this is the absolute best custard i have ever tried!
I did let it steep for 2 weeks before trying it and i cant let myself run out. Definitely will order more. (Posted on 4/11/2015)
Mili Vanilli is perfect!Review by MD_Vaping
Taste Meter
It is slightly custard with a little vanilla, and maybe even a tobacco or coffee undertone? Its just soooo smooth though, and they have a great vanilla flavor.

(imported from (Posted on 1/17/2015)
,,Review by Holy_Shit_Snacks
Taste Meter
I had the Milli for the first time last night in my Magma installed on my Cujo mod. It's really good! Damn good. Excellent creamy custard with a sweet coffee kicker. Normally I'd take a different flavor in the morning to continue trying more juices in my expanding collection, but I found myself refilling it with more Milli on the way out the door today. Vaping it at my desk right now on my mech mod (still in the Magma). I will most likely be ordering more of this as I may even like it more than VCV Night Shift. It's close, but I'm a flavor junkie and this just has more flavor than I can ever seem to get out of Night Shift, which is very subtle flavor that just fades to general sweetness after a few puffs.

(imoprted from (Posted on 1/17/2015)
,.Review by eyeamwon
Taste Meter
Mili Vanilli is good! The coffee flavor is definitely there and tastes like well brewed coffee. It isn't an over-roasted coffee flavor but rather clean and it isn't overly sweet.

(imported from (Posted on 1/17/2015)
.Review by _SnesGuy
Taste Meter
Mili Vanili reminded me of a gas station cappuccino, and that's not a bad thing.
It's actually exactly what I want in a coffee vape.

(imported from ) (Posted on 1/17/2015)
.Review by twin_sis
Taste Meter
I received it today (awesome) and tried one of the flavors I ordered..Mili Vanili. It was good.
It's custard and coffee but the coffee was not a predominant flavor. It added to the richness of the custard perfectly.

(Imported from ) (Posted on 1/17/2015)
.Review by TheGeopoliticusChild
Taste Meter
Milli Vanilli is creamy and delicious and one of my favorite juices. I highly recommend it if you like creamy coffee flavors.

(imported from ) (Posted on 1/17/2015)
.Review by ecigthrowaway123
Taste Meter
My favorite out of all the juices (15-20) I have tried in my short vaping time. First time hearing of Twisted was the BF sale. MV was great straight out of the box. Closest juice I can compare it to is JCs Original. MV has more vanilla but no flavor overpowers the other. Delicious, good vapor production and what I think will be be my ADV. (Posted on 1/17/2015)
Yes!Review by Daniel
Taste Meter
Extraordinary off a TOBH dripper. Massive flavor but never overwhelms with sweetness. Will be ordering much more! (Posted on 12/15/2014)
would love to try itReview by justin
i am a coffee vaper i love vaping coffee this one sounds amazing (Posted on 11/18/2014)
A truly impressive flavor from start to finish! Review by VirgilColetrane
Taste Meter
The flavor notes are very bright and clear but still manage to blend smoothly with each other. Sweet enough to sate the most voracious sweet tooth, but it's far from cloying and without any risk of that gross feeling that can happen from vaping too much of a sweet flavor. This flavor instantly won a place in my usual lineup. (Posted on 11/18/2014)
1ST PLACE!Review by
Check out the VERY thorough review on (Posted on 11/18/2014)
rock on.Review by Bandman
This stuff is the tits. (Posted on 11/18/2014)
great vapeReview by monkey
I got a sample of this an can't wait to put a order in Mili Vanili has such a great taste an thanks for the sample (Posted on 11/18/2014)
won on reddit give awayReview by wme123
Very smooth. Not big on custards usually, this one is very mild. Would order again. (Posted on 11/18/2014)

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